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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
As laptop computer is a complicated consumer electronic device, all the parts and accessories need power energy to run that has very high requirements in consumption and compatibility. Under this circumstance, there’re several factors related to laptop charger.

The main Laptop AC adapter is composed by a main power chip, switch mode and protection circuit. To fit these laptop computers well, we have installed high-quality chip by precise design to expand the compatible range and mains supply around the whole world ranges from 100V to 240V while the nominal value of protection circuit is exactly the same as OEM specs.

As a matter of fact, the internal memory is also closely relevant to laptop AC adapter is real status. Thanks to the upgraded design in main chip, DDR of all versions can be benefited well by more power energy. Without the help of output power, any internal or external memory won’t work well with suitable work efficiency. And the switch mode inside can also avoid short circuited.

After calculating the specifications of laptop charger, those new upgraded AC adapters can be of low consumption and better compatibility with improved charging and power supplying solutions applied. Usually, inside the chip, there’ll also be a small control circuit inside to avoid overheating, overcharging and overloading.

Other accessories for charger and laptop have come down to screen, heat radiator, temperature transmitter, audio power amplifier. All these are necessary to laptop AC adapter to be more safe and stable in actual work.

Of course, with the chip functions to be updated, the roles of these charger or laptop parts have been reduced. However, it doesn’t mean they can be weaker or ignored. In contrary, our designers have also worked hard to make them work better and more humanized in the process of charging.

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