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Monday, January 30, 2012

Since Kodak has applied for bankruptcy, the whole consumer electronic and financial industry is watching what is the next step for Kodak and if there will be great revolution in the market. Just at this moment, Kodak is discussing with Natcore Technology Co. about the new solar battery with flexible thin film solar cells based on CNT(carbon nano tube) that is much cheaper than traditional solar batteries.

With the technologies developed, the capacity, compatibility and functions of batteries are facing with great challenges as other electronic accessories are in the process of fast developing. That is why solar battery has been more and more popular. After all, convenience and longer standby time is in sore need.

kodak, solar battery, thin film solar cell

However, as to Kodak, the challenge is more than the necessary of the solar batteries but the brand and product catalogue as well. The difficulty in transformation is usually out of our imagination.

As a famous brand in digital cameras, Kodak is thinking hard about how to transfer the scope of business when applying for bankruptcy. The new department is going to complete all these tasks in 2013.

Up till now, Kodak hasn’t released any news about the new thin film solar cell and solar battery to the public media.

In solar industry, Kodak who has got new patent technology in thin film solar cells is preparing to improve the new film sensitive material manufacturing skills and take use of it to popularize their new solar batteries. Of course, it depends on the requirements of solar battery in the future and the market share Kodak can get based on this new technology.

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