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Thursday, February 9, 2012

If left beside for too long time, the internal structure of lithium-ion laptop batteries will be damaged to some extent while we need some methods to charge and discharge to maintain and activate the laptop battery to expand battery lifespan and work better in maintenance.

power options

Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries don’t need to activate by charging and discharging while all the laptops have their own control circuits to deal with the capacity and activation. Therefore, usually users can feel easy to use the battery normally.

Generally speaking, the laptop battery lifespan is determined by recharging cycles, such as 600 and 800 times. If it is only 50% charged, only half of the cycle is consumed. That is to say, it is no need to fully discharge the batteries to activate battery capacity.

In fact, lithium-ion battery consumption is closely related to usage situations, especially for work temperature and capacity. Users can compare the remaining battery capacity and activate laptop battery by some effective ways.

Take use of some software in Windows to have activation.

Some manufacturers have already supplied software for Windows system that can be operated simply to complete activation. Please follow the instruction to install and plug into external power charger and then discharge.

Adjust and activate the battery capacity manually.

battery capacity plan

Certainly, if your laptop computer hasn’t got activation software, you can go into control panel to set in power options. Put all the items to be never and close all the programs and Wifi. In some advanced items, we can also adjust the remaining battery capacity to be 3% or more that can indicate us in time before it is shut down.

After that, we can unplug the power charger and use up the battery capacity until it is shut down automatically. At this moment, users don’t need to plug into any other external power charger. Please don’t stay behind the lithium-ion batteries for too long and activate them once every two months. In addition, overcharging and over discharging are also very dangerous to laptop battery.

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