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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The new movie Mission Impossible 4 has brought us to the new era of signal and new high technologies, such as mobile location, face identification, retinal photography and so on. They are really very amazing that can make our life more interesting and conveniently. But will these technologies by applied to laptops one day?

As a matter of fact, except for Tom Cruise and his magnificent showstopper, the new additional technologies in some details have also attracted the eyes of audience. Although we won’t work for secret service, these new functions can improve the performance of laptop computers and make your business work of higher efficiency and more interesting.

mission impossible 4, contact lens camera

According to some insiders, these high-tech equipments in Mission Impossible 4 won’t be castle in the air for laptop users while they can be found in the new up and coming technology fields. In the near future, intelligent terminal and mobile communications technology will be closer and closer to our daily life.

The navigator for car has already been devoted to American market at present, including GIS map and location service that can be applied to many kinds of devices. If so, we will also be so handsome like Tom in the movie and will connect with our friends and family members more easily than before.

As to contact lens camera, it is also another high-technology product that can take photos, transfer radio for cell phones and laptops. And we can also lock the targets very fast by this new technology.

With intelligent terminal handling ability been improved, facial recognizing technologies are also upgraded in terminal cell phones and laptops by Cloud and searching skills.

In brief, it is just the technology that can take photos and transfer instantaneously by these contact lens cameras. For some conference or activities, this technology is really necessary to cell phones and laptop computers to deal with more tasks.

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