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Thursday, March 15, 2012

After the new iPad has got good performance in the market, Nokia is also going to produce new tablet computers to share the large market of PC computer industry. Actually, they are very interested in tablet computer while they are going to challenge Apple and Windows in this field.

tablet computer

According to research, tablet computer has occupied higher market share with time goes by while it has become one of the most popular consumer electronic products users want to get as a Christmas gift. Although it hasn’t become so powerful as laptop and desktop computers, they are popularized by many customers as it is conveniently and flexibly in regular use.

In addition, laptop computers are also developing towards tablet ones in appearance, portability, screen and other features. At the early times, the desktop computers are replaced by laptops just because of its size and compatibility to our daily life. Therefore, the manufacturers and designers have paid great attentions to tablet computers in the process of competition. And we can figure out the developing tendency by Apple and Macbook series.

Comparatively, the advantage of tablet computer is also related to standby time and power supply.

To be sure, iPad and other tablet computers don’t need to recharge within a business days. Sometimes, it can also last for about 2 days and more, which is really hard to achieve by laptops according to current technologies. It has brought tablet much more customers, especially for businessmen, travelers and mobile players.

If we are possible to extend the laptop standby time with more powerful power supply, the competition status and future tendency will be more complex and hard to decide. Anyway, the users will make the final decision of the whole PC computer industry.

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