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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As for some large business conference or trip, it is hard to find a suitable outlet available at any time. It seems that we cannot get enough power energy from laptop computer all the time if power cord is not connected. And for business trip aboard, switch socket is also necessary to fit with different plug and mains supply.

large business conference

Extended life laptop battery, the essential item and business helper for large conference

If you need to deal with your work or have some records during a whole day conference, it is really impossible to last long enough with a regular 6-cell or 8-cell laptop battery. Unless a outlet is available in time, we are at risk of data loss, lack of power or other dangerous situations run into our notebook computers in no time.

Comparatively, extended life batteries of 9-cell, 12-cell are more effective that can not only expand the battery capacity to last longer in standby time but are able to provide higher work efficiency as well. Thanks to more lithium-ion cells inside, laptop computers can get higher output current from the higher capacity batteries.

Some users are not used to these extended life laptop batteries as they are usually longer or larger in shape. As more lithium-ion cells are installed, batteries should be expanded to accommodate these additional cells.

In business conference, usually we don’t need to move frequently while the thick bottom can also facilitate us to type or work more conveniently in the process of meeting.

For business trip, global compatible laptop AC adapter is also the essential item for luggage. As is known to all, different nations have different mains supply from 100V to 240V. And the laptop chargers in USB Phone World are all with switch mode that can fit these mains supplies well.

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