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Monday, March 12, 2012

Businessmen work for IT, sales, marketing, research and development, operation and other departments, need to carry their laptop computers of their own to have some regular or additional conference, deal with some business work at home or in Starbucks. Under this circumstance, laptop power energy is of great significance thanks to limited battery capacity. It comes to be a problem that if we need to have a backup laptop charger for office work?

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A backup laptop AC adapter can save you time in charging and more conveniently in regular use.

With a qualified compatible AC adapter for our business laptops, we are likely to charge in any places at any time as long as outlet or wall socket is available. Therefore, users don’t need to fully charge the lithium-ion batteries before leaving home or office to get more power energy in the process of work.

In addition, someone may forget to put their laptop AC adapters into their bags after finishing using in bed. And it is harmful for the adapter to be put into bag right after used, which may lead to overheating and hard to release heat.

What users should pay attention to in selecting a suitable backup laptop AC adapter

Compatible information – It is known to all that not all the chargers can fit to our laptops well while we need to check the compatibility in plug, connector tip, switch mode and so on.

Specifications of output voltage, current and input power – Usually, the adapter you selected should be of the same output volt as your original one while current shouldn’t be lower than yours. Input power is related to mains supply while global compatible version is better.

Cost performance – We recommend users to compare the price and customer reviews of certain merchant you are going for.

After-sale service and return & replacement policy – As for trusted sellers, they should have 1 year warranty according to industry requirements. Meanwhile, 30 days money back guarantee just as USB Phone World do, is an additional welfare for users to be more confidence on certain merchant. And we also supply 3 year extended life warranty in our online store. If you need, please contact with us by calling 1-800-631-8153.

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