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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The global advanced semiconductor solution supplier leader has released the latest 5 low consumed P-Channel MOSFET metal oxidize semiconductor materials, including lithium-ion secondary battery for laptop, control switch, AC adapter to transmit output power and battery management system.

mosfet, laptop battery

Recently, the whole market has taken advantage of thus laptop battery of low consumption into the whole system to extend batter life, to be slimmer, and higher running rate. MOSFET is applied into the control switch inside lithium-ion secondary batteries and AC adapter. It has to be able to handle with the whole system to consume large output current. Therefore, we need to reduce the battery work resistance to reduce the whole system consumption.

To meet the requirements above, the semiconductor company has also developed into a new manufacturing craftsmanship. Compared to other innovative items, it has applied with some very tiny technologies to be matched with former MOSFET technique skills, which can reduce internal resistances rate.

The running resistance value of the new latest MOSFET is about only half of the old versions while the advantages have included low consumption, higher running rate, longer last time, lifespan, security, stability, work temperature range and so on.

This small size pack has also supplied good heat dissipation effect that can be installed into electric circuit flexibly. Certainly, they are also developing the new low consumed accessories to optimize the laptop battery performance. With advanced MOSFET of higher rate and performance, the laptop batteries will be more powerful with higher density inside, which is really a wider and more flexible solution to the whole system.

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