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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recently, the accident about iPhone has occurred in US. When she wake up in the morning, she suddenly found out that the cell phone comes to be sizzled and smoking. To be fortunately, she threw the phone into the pool in time to avoid some further accidents. Why does iPhone battery have such problem as well?

iphone battery, explosion, heat dissipation

As a matter of fact, explosion has occurred to many consumer electronics, including laptops, iPod, MP3 and others. As for the reasons, it has mostly been related to the lithium-ion batteries and heat dissipation characteristics.

How to check if certain lithium-ion battery is safety enough?

Usually, work temperature is determined by the circuit design and internal structure of certain lithium-ion laptop battery. Therefore, we need to have some tests in minimum and maximum work situations by certified relevant testing machines. So is the protection circuits and battery shell materials.

It is necessary to improve the electronic heat dissipation performance to keep them work more stably and securely.

As to some high-quality lithium-ion laptop battery, except for protection circuits, it should have got its own heat dissipation equipment inside to keep steadily and securely in the process of charging and supplying. Of course, surrounding situations are also important while users should avoid putting your cell phone, laptop computer or other electronic products in bed or other heat storage objects.

Although lithium-ion laptop batteries are only the support to us, we need to rely on them to achieve more amazing functions and longer last time. What should deal with it for next step? I believe you should have the certain idea now.

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