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Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is reported that laptop system is improving itself in functions and performance while it is closer and closer to human brain. The founder of Microsoft Paul Allen recently has devoted about 300 million dollars to human brain research to develop their technology in some devices and solutions.

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At first, the initial idea of Allen is related to human deceases and therapy. Established in 2003, he has obtained about 100 million dollars to this project and research institution. This institution is also carrying on a 10 year project to solve the key point of technology about human brain work principle.

Recently, the donation has even been improved to about 300 million dollars to support latest 4-year work. Actually, it can also be used to treat infantile autism, senile dementia, tristimania, cerebral trauma, and other deceases about human brain.

All these researches can actually provide many good technologies to laptop system to be closer and closer to human brain. Nowadays, many functions have been applied according to brain that can make our work more conveniently in actual work, such as personal audio assistant. Furthermore, some designers are also having researching about brain thinking and the reaction of laptop system. If so, it will be a new revolution to human beings and laptops that can make the computer technology to a higher level.

Apple has also published news about Siri that it will work as human brain one day with time goes by. That is to say, laptop system will also be a real assistant more than an electronic device or robot only.

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