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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The April Fool’s Day in 2012 is coming to us. What kind of pseudo events will occur to our industry? Such as Microsoft will be purchased by Google with each other to beat Apple; these CEOs will go on board soon, Apple will release their new iPhone 5 tomorrow.

They are all very interesting news for us while many of us have imagined about them before. Maybe they will come true one day, but they won’t happen today.

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Comparatively, the awesome discounts are the truth in this April Fool’s Day and will start from now on. You just don’t need to wait till tomorrow to get high-quality laptop batteries and AC adapters with discounts in our online store.

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This coupon code of 10% OFF is available to any product, including lithium-ion laptop battery, charger, memory and others. If you don’t believe in it, you can try to enter the code into your order. It is obviously in order information that how much it has helped you to save.

As for US public school, more awesome policies are available.

Usually, USB Phone World supply 30 days no payment to US public schools, including this April Fool’s Day. Of course, the awesome discounts are also valid to these schools. If you need to order now, please fax your PO to 1-888-718-3609. We will arrange for shipping as soon as possible.

The same as what we have done before, USB Phone World online store supplied 1 year free warranty and 30 days money back guarantee to personal and wholesale buyers. As we have awesome customer service from 9:00am to midnight, users can contact with us by online chatting icon. You are welcomed by all of us and this 10% OFF Coupon (usb200810) is our April gift to you!

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