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Thursday, March 29, 2012

It is so bad to be confronted with power failure in the process of work, especially for some urgent or important conference and business projects. As to some places without power energy, it is even more important to extend the laptop life and standby time.

power failure, laptop shut down

To avoid data loss by long life laptop battery with longer last time

As to power failure situations, the most seriously consequence is to come across data loss. Therefore, we need to ensure that laptop computers have enough preparation to deal with this kind of situations.

As long as you have enough power energy to support a 5-6 hour conference, most of business projects can be covered as long as you have got such a high-quality battery. Of course, we need to have some proper setting in power options to indicate when the remaining power is about 20% or more and automatically power off or go to sleep in about 10% or more. All these can help you to get rid of data loss and damages in laptop system.

How to check if the certain battery is of long life?

What we talk about is the long life laptop battery that has longer standby time. When selecting a backup or replacement, the most important factor is the output power that has determined the actual work last time.

Compared to original standard battery versions, they usually have the same output voltage but higher output current that has higher internal capacity and more power energy to supply in the process of charging and work.

Anyway, users should ignore the quality, compatibility, security, stability, after-sale service and warranty when buying a brand new long life laptop battery. We are firmly convinced that you will be satisfied and get more success thanks to longer standby time.

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