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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As a matter of fact, except for installing and usage, some other aspects about laptop batteries are of great significance to battery performance. That is storage. In most cases, proper storage methods can improve the battery performance to a great extent. Otherwise, some damages like leakage of electricity and poor weak power functions are likely to occur one day.

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How to unplug the laptop batteries?

Usually, we remove the laptop batteries if the computer is out of use for days or months. After all, the connection of interface is possible to discharge more power energy and improper places will lead to some dangerous situations. Therefore, users should unplug the laptop batteries carefully and make it cool down before putting into the right box. And please ensure the laptop charger is unplugged and computer system is power off before having any operation.

What is the suitable site to place laptop batteries?

After unplugging, the next step is to look for a right place for the lithium-ion laptop battery. We recommend users to select a cool and dry box that can avoid deep discharge and any other factor like high temperature to influence on battery performance.

How often should we use the backup batteries or recharge unused ones?

Even if is proper stored, long-term not in use is also harmful to laptop batteries and other lithium-ion batteries. If possible, please recharge it or play with your consumer electronics with them at least once a month to activate the system monitor and indicator and internal structure of the battery.

When will the laptop batteries come to be weaker if used properly?

Usually, battery doesn’t have the same lifespan as the whole consumer electronic product. According to research, a brand new high-quality lithium-ion laptop battery runs into weaker after using for about 2 years and can last for 3-5 years.

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