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Friday, October 12, 2012
With time goes by, the lithium-ion technology is developing more and more rapidly than before. For different stages for charging, the battery charger can achieve many requirements for battery power energy in good, suitable and steady situations.

Nowadays, the lithium-ion battery charger has taken advantage of CC-CV charger curve to achieve charging. The process of fully charging the lithium-ion batteries has included, precharge, activation, constant current and constant voltage, which should be accord to certain security principle.

dell vostro 1510 battery

At first, in precharge stage, it is necessary to check if the battery status is normal and well. In this process, normally battery provides power energy of about 5% to 15%. When the battery output voltage has reached to be above 2.8V, it means the battery is in good performance. When entering into activation stage, the Dell Vostro 1510 battery will supply the same output current and stand for longer. Until fully charged, the output voltage will also increase with to meet the different demands.

To complete the whole process, the charging current has to decrease with time goes by. Compared to other charge stage, it needs the maximum time to complete all the stages. When the output current has decreased to finished current, to be below to about 2%, the precharge will be finished and moved to other stage until fully charged.

Actually, the battery charger has to be composed by battery charging IC, micro control system,, indicator and other power circuits inside to achieve CC-CV charge curve. Meanwhile the designers need to be very clear about the output voltage, current, work temperature and other parameters about the battery and the whole devices like nominal value.

As for the battery charger solution, the users have two choices, one of battery charger IC and another for microcontroller. The first selection has good configuration and user interface while the other one has more options and functions to provide good power circuit system. However, these power components have lower cost than microcontroller and special charge IC.

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