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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
After using for months and years, the standby time of the laptop computers is shortened and consumption increased. It will really bring users much trouble to have shorter last time in regular work, especially is weaker than requirement. Since so, is there any effective ways to repair and save the power energy and decrease consumption?

About Dell Inspiron 1300 battery consumption

dell inspiron 1300 battery

Any battery, including laptop computer, has its own indicated capacity like mAh and Wh. All of them are the maximum value for output current and voltage. Actually, in real performance, they won’t reach so high and will decrease with time goes by. That is to say, if a laptop battery is of 4800mAh and aging rate is of 6.25%, the real output current is of about 4500mAh. How could it happen?

The difference of lithium-ion cells or internal resistances in the internal circuits

As a matter of fact, the sole cell is also different from each other. Some of them has higher nominal value than others. For this reason, many manufacturers have provided users of diverse laptop batteries in different capacity even if of the same cells quantity. In addition, internal circuits will also be different in design and real performance.

The Dell Inspiron 1300 battery is aging with time goes by and its own consumption is increasing. It is dangerous to work under too high or too low work temperature, which will increase consumption inside as well.

Charge too frequently is actually seriously damaged while both charger and battery will be decreased rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the whole laptop battery to work under stable situations in suitable work temperature. Meanwhile, water or wet conditions are also dangerous, which may arouse fire, electric shock or other accident situations.

The simplest way to adjust the battery indicating is entering into laptop battery BIOS. In power options, users will see “Start Battery Calibration” and press “Enter”. After all, please ensure the AC adapter is plugged and the calibration will go on until it is fully charged and discharged.

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