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Thursday, March 3, 2011

On an Airplane or train, it is really a good idea to kill the time by laptop computer while laptop battery has suffered from shorter lifespan and last time. At normal time, most users have never figured out the reduction in batteries and adapters, but they will be disappointed when they need to rely on a sole battery.

As for the most common problem of laptop batteries, a senior HP engineer has ever announced a report that it doesn’t mean no power energy is consumed if computer of off. After all, laptop battery has to complete chemical reactions based on these internal circuits, release heat, produce internal resistances and consume energy. That is why self-discharging has destroyed a great number of batteries by left behind by users for more than three months.

In addition, the consumption quantity is also influenced by other external environmental factors like humidity, temperature, dust content of air and so on. Within the normal consuming range, a laptop battery will cost about 1 percent to 5 percent every single day. Then someone asks me that should they keep plugging by default setting.

In most cases, laptop battery will restart to charge by remaining power energy of 96% instead of less than half of the capacity. Therefore, much more recharging cycles have been completed than we imagined. The engineer has also recommended users to adjust the minimum level of power energy remained to last the period of discharging to be longer, which can not only extend life but also ensure work efficiency.

Like human beings, notebook also needs to have a bath. He said that dust, cigarette ash and hairs are dangerous to consumer electronics as they will get together in both internal structure and appearance. Even so, these grimes can lead laptop battery pack to be overheating and then decrease the performance and lifespan.

Meanwhile, please avoid working laptop battery and computer on some soft subjects like laps, beds, sofa and so on. It will block up the dispersing air hole and also cause computer crash to burden the whole device totally.

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