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Monday, February 21, 2011

Speaking of travel charger, many users may be confused of its functions and work principle, definitely different from traditional ones in some features. Currently, the equipments for trip have become more and more fruitful than ever while these supportive accessories can be applied more conveniently according to these updated functions.

In short, such new travel adapter has composed with laptop battery and AC charger as a whole. In early times, with produced by simple capacitive divider, it is most likely to come across damages and other accidents. To pursue for better stability, switch-mode supply has been one of the basic factors.

Through selective examination of about 5 travel chargers, they can work normal to fully charge the whole battery after plugging for three whole days. Of course, it doesn’t mean that no cases by accidents will occur one day.

Seen from the shell, some AC chargers are marked with intelligence and programming control CPU which should be selected cautiously. In different stages and eras, both original and compatible products will have different work conditions and options in actual work.

In particular, similar to most consumer electronics, there’s no need to place too much emphasis on additional functions but security and stability more. We cannot predict the places or other hazards in long journey so that it is of great significance to reply on high-quality laptop battery and AC adapter.

Since external laptop batteries are of much higher prices, travel AC charger seems to be an appropriate one to last standby time longer. As to different types, they need to fully charging more hours than nominal value while overcharging is still dangerous.

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