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Monday, February 14, 2011

Generally speaking, most parts of negative composition inside laptop battery are determined by internal resistances and the difference to actual capacity. Of course, these two figures can be transmitted to different levels of performance when required situations are varied. Hence, this simple indicating device is absolutely necessary.

Composed by sensory unit and transformation components, the transducer can record the output voltage and current in all conditions while these figures cannot be figured out directly. So are conduction and domination. For this reason, the updated section has applied with electrical signal directly to complete indicating by measuring circuit which can check on real-time output power.

In addition, with the development of integrated circuit technique, the former output power energy from transformation components is still hard to indicate, record and deal with large amount of indexes so that circuits come to be chipset gradually. Subsidiary by external supply, complicated new types of components have come into being like bridge, modulation control, oscillate and high input impedance non-inverting circuit.

Therefore, laptop battery life can be calculated by set procedures instead of measured by pure specifications carefully. Still, some professionals in the industry don’t believe in such new devices but the classical universal electric meter as a substituent.

It is truth that maybe in terms of accuracy, these transducers are not perfect enough to pit against meters to some extent, but what about the process of calculation? After all, except for capacity and nominal value, there’re many other factors to influence on actual standby time of laptop batteries.

Anyway, the two simple ways are still regarded as the first-class ones in the market to learn about internal resistance and current capacity according to my own opinion. As for beginners, I recommend to use transducer which won’t cost you too much time in the course.

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