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Sunday, February 13, 2011

It is obviously that lithium-ion laptop battery has standby time according to setting on indicators or the default settings. Once you are going to have a meeting or business trip outside, the first matter for us to do is just fully charging the batteries before taking away. However, we are confused if such an action is necessary for daily life?

As a matter of fact, no one can confirm that how much capacity will be reduced by each turn of charge in actual performance. By some testing software, lifespan is likely to emerge in these diverse options while reduction occurs with ages.

Under this circumstance, it is unavoidable for users to come across power failure since the remained recharging cycles are close to the deadline. But if thus conditions can be predicted before, we are available to get rid of damaging in other accessories and devices caused by exhausted batteries.

First of all, let’s have an outlook on influence of each turn in fully charging the external laptop battery. Normally we consider that only in the situations that nearly all the power energy is consumed will AC adapter restart the next turn of charging. But the fact is far away from imagination. With a little difference from each PC brand, the setting of batteries is varied from 90% to 98%, which are all wide spreads to the ideal conditions.

Recharging cycles cannot be calculated by usage days but the capacity, requirements and even maintenance. To be sure, everyday laptop battery will consume at least 10 times according to this work principle, which is really a horrific figure to us.

Thereby, it has involved in unplugging the power code and turning off the outlet once it is out of use to optimize external laptop battery. Normally, the most direct way is just the most effective way to us. Meanwhile, by assistant methods like activation and cooling fan will help us to take fully use of capacity to increase last time.

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