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Thursday, February 10, 2011
As we all know, Apple, Dell, Sony, HP are all the giant of PC field. But they meet the same problem that is the case of recall. Why is the laptop battery electrical quantity less and less? Use cell calibration function will let electricity restore part? You should know the battery power calculation. In spite of the nimh battery, now with the lithium ion battery, or unusual li-ion polymer battery, even the future star of the silver zinc battery. They are equivalent to a storage power of the warehouse. The difference is outbound way and inventory capacity. In laptop battery, it has a power calculation chip. It manage the laptop battery, power calculation, discharge. In the measurement of battery technology, there are 4 common ways, but different brands of laptop batteries is not only a method by which power consumption are usually several ways to use integrated, with a main method, and the remaining Auxiliary power calculation means to achieve the calculation and management. The first is the open circuit voltage measurements, this method is by measuring the battery voltage in the stationary state values to calculate the remaining battery capacity, but because the lithium-ion battery voltage and remaining capacity of the rest of the relationship between the non-linear, Therefore, this method does not accurately measure the value of the vast majority of cell phone batteries have adopted this method of calculation; second is called Coulomb calculation, the method is by measuring the battery charge and discharge current, the current value and time value calculated by integrating the product of the battery after the charge and the release into the power of electricity, Coulomb calculation method is a more accurate calculation of power; third is the impedance measurement, it is obtained by measuring the resistance of the battery remaining battery capacity value; fourth is a comprehensive look-up table, by setting a related table, the voltage, current, temperature and other parameters input, you can check the remaining battery capacity obtained. I think you know the tips of the battery cells very well now.

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