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Thursday, February 10, 2011

It is obviously that solar laptop battery hasn’t got appreciate development level in 2010. After PV technology has widespread in the whole world, much more manufacturers are taking great efforts in this new area. Except for other skills, the material polysilicon has played an important role in PV or IC industry.

However, according to some consulting reports, 2011 will vary this tendency in a great degree. As a matter of fact, last month has established a stable status for polysilicon. There’s no denying that such a variation has already arisen its price while non-polysilicon laptop batteries have possessed the advantages of low production price, suitable to mass production, good high-temperature behavior and other factors.

Meanwhile, the critical devices have also released that solar laptop battery can achieve high performance with very low cost yield by diaphragm materials, which is put forward by Internal technology skills by advanced level.

Primarily, the cost of diaphragm laptop batteries is come from constant cost of equipment investment. After all, compared to polysilicon ones, they need production lines by at least 7 times. Once they can be put into mass production, it is bound to reduce its cost and remain the former natures.

It is certainly that as to polysilicon and diaphragm, these two types of laptop batteries have their own specialized merits and demerits. Currently, run by PV technology routine, it is really difficult to say who can occupy the mainstream. After all, they both have to lay out dramatic breakthroughs and overcome their weaknesses.

Anyway, since these two laptop batteries are necessary to accept investment in a large sum, once certain technology is eliminated by the market, equivalent investment enterprises are bound to be influenced seriously, which are just what the manufacturers have to prepare. Some of them are establish more and more production lines of polysilicon battery and invest on diaphragm one on the other side.

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