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Saturday, January 29, 2011

As to most of laptop batteries in the market, they have installed with fixed lithium-ion cells of the same voltage and current with different compound modes. With time goes by, some more powerful cells are applied by manufacturers to improve the capacity and actual performance while they won’t be seen regularly.

Dell laptop battery e1505 - Based on physical standard unit, 11.1V can be received by three cells connected in parallel and similarly available to output current of 6600mAh which is produced by three cells in series. Therefore, 9 cells are necessary for this Dell laptop battery to reach certain specifications.

Compared to other lithium-ion batteries, such a product has already been very high in capacity while we haven’t applied any other stronger cells at all. By the experience in the factory, several normal standard cells are usually safer than a sole or fewer larger ones. Suppose one of them suffers from damage of increasing internal resistances, the whole condenser is likely to be destroyed or decrease capacity distinctly.

But the lithium ion inspiron e1505 9 cell battery has a occurring in measuring very useful properties, is in a discharge, battery voltage with electricity passes will gradually decrease, and have a fairly large slope. It will give us another kind of approximate power measurement approach. Take the battery voltage methods. Like measuring tank inside surface height can a rough estimate the remaining water this truth as. But actually battery voltage than tank inside the calm waters height measurement is more complicated.

A computer with voltage measurement battery capacity cannot always in the small current of standby. Temporary large current loss, like driving a backlighting, put the bell, especially through, can create the battery voltage soon cut. At this point, the capacity will reduce display than actual capacity more. And when large current removed after, battery voltage would pick up. This can cause battery capacity show these increases the unreasonable phenomena.

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