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Monday, January 24, 2011

It is really an extensive problem for expansion occurred to lithium-ion laptop batteries by both causes and results. Unless replacement is available soon, no notebook computer can escape from damage in the physical and chemical properties.

Compared to overheating, t60 laptop battery comes to be actually injured in the shell while cleft is possible to effect so that liquid electrolyte and other ingredients have already run out and corroded related components and accessories according to different damaging degree. Such results are complex while we should check on all aspects by all sorts of tests.

As a high-tech consumer electronic, laptop battery is well-designed in internal circuit, graphite intercalation and organic solvent by nanotechnology of very high level. According to thermodynamics, heat makes something expand and cold makes it contract. That is to say, it is not the retardation but high work temperature that leads to expansion in polymer batteries.

Among the rupture aluminum layer of CPP inside the electrolyte, encapsulation seems to be always a hard problem to thinkpad x60 series 8 cell high capacity battery except for lithium cells. As to thus three-dimensional structure, protection circuit has a larger space to avoid short-circuit and other related accidents.

Of course, it is necessary for us to learn about the causes from both manufacturing and usage methods. Normally, after measurement from multimeter, only when the internal resistance between Ni tab and AI is displayed to be infinity that we can confirm the security of encapsulation testing.

In addition, the output voltage of lithium-ion lenovo thinkpad battery is also necessary to check if it is already hurt by short circuit. Close to cells voltage between anode and packaging aluminum layer, please observe the conditions in the tab of cathode. Certainly, don’t forget to pay attention to other details whether is corrupted by these reasons. After all, chemical electrolyte is really dangerous, especially for sectors of precision metal structure.

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