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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011, another new age has arrived with new calendar and tasks. Speaking of ages, the name of lifespan has popped up in my mind due to the habits of my routine work. As to most of consumer electronics, stepping into new year also means that warranty is closely to be end while the deadline is coming.

For the sake of prolonging lifespan and keeping the current situations, let's have a check on our toshiba laptop battery a100 to take precautions against the real problems.

Standby time - Usually a new laptop battery has indicated with the nominal durability according to the examination in the factory. However, as such a level is hard to reach in actual use, we should also calculate the standby time by normal using options.

Charge and discharge rate - Compared to durability, many users don't attach enough importance to this figure. In the process, output voltage and current vary according to the relevant stages so that system can perform different as power energy transmitted different. Once there's no power energy reach on time, the speed of starting and shut down are possible to be slower than before.

Contact - Although when laptop AC adpater is available, this feature won't play an important role, poor contact is still dangerous to toshiba satellite a80 battery and all the laptop accessories. Outside work in particular, once contact comes to be poor, power failure is equal to destroy your big business order and even career to some extent.

Work temperature - On no account can we ignore to care about the work temperature of electronic product, including laptop battery. Even if overheating is only the representation just like fever, the root cause involved in overloading and other cells characteristics may be serious than imagined.

Usage methods and requirements - It means that we should adjust the methods of using laptop battery according to our requirements of working and entertainment. Of course, it also means that despite this lithium-ion battery perform normal by the standard figures, pa3400u 1brs may be not good or powerful enough to you.

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