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Friday, January 28, 2011

In business, work efficiency continues to be the key factor to beat the competitors and occupy the larger market share. Except for our own efforts and ability, daily assistant tools are necessary for businessmen to increase the speed and achievements.

Speaking of power energy providing, notebook laptop ac adapter has popped into your mind directly with different figures in output voltage and current. As is known to us, the mains frequency of adapter has already determined the charge rate to lithium-ion laptop batteries while such a level is hard to update currently.

Here, let’s come back to review the work principle and charge methods of chargers. Seen from charge characteristic curve, constant wattage charge won’t be kept for a long period while constant voltage is the main stage for normal work. That is to say, as long as output voltage has reached certain level, about nominal value, it won’t increase at all.

Under this circumstance, the important factor is closer relevant to output current power. Normally, 65w portable power adapter is regarded as an electronic product of common level by standard specifications. In USB Phone World, a large amount of AC adapters are produced with such power supply while some others can have higher-capacity like 90W and 120W.

In reality, the features of laptop battery will also influence the charge rate to a certain degree. Among different permutations and combinations of lithium-ion cells, more series ways are effectively for AC adapter to provide enough power energy and the management of charging and discharging can be realized more easily.

Nowadays, such a dell inspiron 1501 charger with 3C technology has been widely used by manufacturers and constant current will last longer than before to achieve fast charge. It can be seen that with such method, we should only keep in a sole charge stage instead of vary to waste time. In addition, lower voltage will be more security to keep stability. Certainly, maybe this level of output voltage won’t be necessary for you to run great deal of programs so that you have to choose wisely.

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