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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ni-Zn laptop battery is rare in the market while we can only find Ni-cd, Ni-mh and Li-ion ones. As a matter of fact, Ni-Zn has already been taken advantages in other electronic products, such as digital camera and some battery-operated toys. However, it is really a hard nut to crack so that some Japanese manufacturers who have achieved significant results before decide to give up.

In fact, a century ago, Thomas Edison has realized the potential power of Ni-Zn batteries and conducted a study. Limited by technology, he hasn’t well developed and then Ni-cd and other metal hydrides become commercialized successfully.

According to analysis, Ni-cd batteries are bad to environment and died out for its memory effect. Some periods later, Ni-mh battery is influenced by hypertoxic problems and passivation phenomenons even if less memory effect exist.

At the beginning of last year, a little-known American company Power Genix announced the launch of brand new Ni-Zn rechargeable batteries. Since such an old technology is refurbished, especially in improving electrolyte and electrode formula, they are concerned by others in further generalization and actual performance.

Ni-Zn laptop battery has higher output voltage due to the powerful cells. In the past, Grade AA cells can only reach 1.2V while that is Ni-Zn ones are of about 1.6V which is appropriate for those consumer electronics of 1.5V. Meanwhile, they won’t produce much more heat than former conditions.

Since Ni and Zn are both metals easily to be recycled, this sort of laptop batteries will be more environmental friendly.

Despite of powerful functions, Ni-Zn laptop battery is still in the process of researching even if it hasn’t been popularized in other areas. Electrolyte and cells structure are the present objects in the market.

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