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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Searching on the search engines, all sorts of news about mobile phone adapters are all around us to be terrible. Although we can charge our consumer electronics much more rapidly by higher technology, it seems to become more dangerous to come over damages and other serious events.

By contrast, laptop AC adapter comes to be safer due to less negative news, but what’s the reality?

Judged by internal structure, output voltage and current have determined more about actual performance of chargers for both cell phone and laptop computer. Transferring from the same external power supply, we can figure out the pressure differences inside the former are higher than the latter that can prove the risks of dangers obviously.

Prevailed in carbon green opinions, sorts of measures can be applied to achieve electronics products of environmental friendly. With time goes by, solar AC adapter is well-known in the industry in both functions and advantages. Just as transmitting sunlight energy into electricity by plants, such a charger is likely to provide power energy in any places.

With a PV battery board installed inside, it can store the power energy through photosynthesis and then connect to certain laptop without outlet outside, which is really convenient to those who are engaged in field work or other occupations.

Applied with solar technology, replacement external charger for cell phones will no longer work under such a high pressure. That’s why such products are more popularized by cell phone users than laptop computer users at present.

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by: USB Phone World