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Monday, February 14, 2011

Pit against batteries, laptop AC adapter seems to be weak in both functions and price. However, these images are far away from the hard truth in this industry. As a specialized but necessary device for laptop computer, in the long process it hasn’t be replaced by other solar battery or DC charger, which depends on the classic design and complex internal structure.

As is known to all, there’re about two basic effects from AC adapter to be both transformer and stabilizer. Even so, according to its exposed view of power supply, it is always working in a varied condition by the form of sine. It has really added high pressure to users in keep this regulation continuing in a perfect tendency while any hazards are possible to push it to a wrong track.

Thanks to linear voltage stabilization, not only the mains frequency can be confirmed but also output voltage and current can be provided normally without exceptions, related to work principle of AC power.

Alternating current is discovered by Nikola Tesla in last century. Generally, it depends on size and directs to complete periodic variation in voltage and current by the basic form of harmonic current. According to different mains supply, it will also perform diversely with time goes by while the applied range and effects will be different from each other.

In the process of charging, AC adapter has aroused electromagnetic inductions to provide voltage regulation. Applied with pulse technology, it is likely to work stably with suitable power energy in all aspects. In fact, periodical changes are caused by uniform rotation of coil in magnetic field. That is to say, although we find that the electricity voltage regulates gradually, the performance of this product is just keeping in a certain situation.


by: USB Phone World