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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning from three characteristics of substances, everything in this nature is mutual, instinct, interlinked and rational. Just as we need to have breathe, these subjects themselves will release power energy and spontaneous combustion.

After duplicate tests and trituration, physical laptop battery can resist the external temperature of more than 3000 without retrogradation or dilapidation in magnetic chips. With the help of security system, even though metal particles have already entered into conditions of spontaneous combustion, other circuits and components have already become out of work, which is impossible to cause larger damages.

Meanwhile, overheating is still dangerous to laptop computer battery in performance, so it is still in the process of developing to have a new magnetic chip of lower work temperature. After all, endurance is not a guarantee to high-quality and stable conditions. Once something serious came across, the whole battery is just destroyed thoroughly.

Many users think that electricity energy is produced from power plant and transferred by metal wires, which is correct to some extent but large difference to the practical situation. As a matter of fact, it is the metal materials that provide enough power energy to users while the station works to improve the current and speed of electricity transmission and energesis.

Thereby, two different conductive wires will be definitely different from each other in terms of strain. In the process of charging, one of them is out of use, regarded as standby application.

If a block of metal is stored without any connection to outside, it is likely to unleash the energy in the way of disintegration or annihilation. Likewise, installed into a magnetic implement, it will also control respiratory frequency by the size of hole. Under the circumstance of small hole, more power energy is available to users due to high charge rate and vice versa.

Based on degradation of magnetic isolation technology, physical laptop computer battery has simplified the power-supply modes in extremely safe structure. Come up to natural law, electricity inside is nearly inexhaustible.


by: USB Phone World