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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not only users but also researchers are seriously cared about work temperature and rising process a lot. However, compared to charging and working situations, discharging hasn’t been realized by us in its influence on temperature increasing, but you will change your mind after reading the following report.

As to laptop battery accessories, the varied conditions are as follows.

Nickel li-polymer will arise work temperature with the invariable discharge magnification. So are aluminium and copper plating nickel tabs.

Once the rate comes to be lower, the cells at the end of discharge will emit heat instead of tab, which performs to be weak.

Once the rate comes to be higher, both cells at the end and tabs at the beginning will emit heat with time goes by.

In addition, internal contaminates won’t exist balanceable inside laptop batteries while it depends actual temperature of all the parts. Generally anode will contribute more to resistances increasing. Under this circumstance, as at the stage of discharge, current transmits from anode to cathode and heat as well.

If calculate the acreage of pole and heat transfer fluid, we can figure out how much galvanic current have these two components already loaded. In most cases, the current increases with certain areas. After that, with pole installed in a higher level, the laptop battery can have better rejection of heat as heat is usually passed up.

With the help of infrared video camera, it is obviously for us to learn about work temperature of all the components so as to prevent it from serious accidents in time. Whether for charge or discharge, it is unreasonable to treat it lightly in detriment.

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by: USB Phone World