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Sunday, February 20, 2011

It occurs to a tide that no laptop battery should have a large size in weight and shape while internal capacity should be increased in such a smaller condenser. Do you think it is impossible to release or worry about the security and stability?

Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop battery, compatible with all other sorts of MP numbers comes to inflict a decisive defeat in actual internal capacity. At the very beginning, it is installed with only 6 primary lithium-ion cells with output voltage of 11.1V and current of 4400mAh. To be surprised, only in a short period, the battery is developing into 9-cell and even 12-cell d5318 which has become popularized on the Internet.

It is universally acknowledged that this Dell Inspiron laptop battery is not expanding the shell shape with electrochemical properties updating that is caused by cells compound mode and internal circuits design. Compared with the original and last section, we can figure out these changes are achieved in silence only inside the battery cubicle.

Of course, such 12-cell lithium-ion laptop batteries are not only for Dell inspiron 1525 laptop battery but become more and more common in USB Phone Word. Including Acer laptop battery, Toshiba replacement laptop battery and battery for hp laptop, they have all such technologies in increasing performance.

Nowadays, it is available for us to improve the durability without increasing cells quantity but other solutions by new materials and electrolyte. Under that circumstance, powerful laptop battery doesn’t need to increase its shape in thickness and length. High energy density is no longer aspiration but reality to us whenever we want to go for a business trip, long journey or outside work.

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by: USB Phone World