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Friday, February 25, 2011

Someone told me that his laptop computer occurred to work with undesired sounds under a sole laptop battery. Is it related to batteries quality or just caused by improper options in power control?

Nearly all the laptop models have installed a cooling fan in the core and surrounding parts. Users can figure out the root causes the noise types, constantly or continuously. Both conditions have expressed the different modes of system.

In the process of charging, laptop battery will perform according to the setting in power options. As for the apparent noise, the following three patterns are included, intervideo WinDVD, always on and maximum performance. Any options out of these three items are reasonable. Among them, we recommend users to select the power usage schemes like home use, portable type, power source optimizing, timer off (presentation) and maximum battery life are preferred.

As a matter of fact, due to high loading, laptop battery cannot support these running programs like 3D games and movies normally while if AC adapter is available, the case of noise can be solved immediately. An external laptop charger has responsible to both battery capacity and chips to support all the running programs. That is to say, adapter of higher output power is suitable to keep us far away from noise.

Meanwhile, it is significant to check if another laptop replacement battery is needed. After using for more than a whole year, all the rechargeable Li-Ion batteries will be aging in all corners. If capacity reducing and it is always very hot in use, cooling fan has to turn round to cool down. That is to say, it may the high temperature that makes the fan running continuously.

All in all, the voice of consumer electronics is a distinguishing feature to work situations. Hear the voice of laptop battery to get rid of accidents and go for a laptop replacement battery soon after being damaged.

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