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Friday, February 25, 2011

We don’t want to emphasize the importance of compatibility too much in selecting a replacement AC adapter. But I have still been asked if a laptop charger for other brands or models can be used temporarily for some urgent conditions? I told him that with the same output voltage, AC adapter of higher current can substitute the lower one in principle.

An integrated laptop charger is composed by power cord, cable and AC adapter. Thanks to the switch-mode power supplies inside, standard mains output voltage and current can be transmitted into the nominal value can fully charge laptop batteries. And with the universal setting, even if users may come across some different situations in the journey, AC adapter can be adapted to different input voltage.

However, when the laptop charger comes to be out of work, someone will lend another as long as the power cord is suitable. It is truth that notebook computer can recover and battery can be recharged. But when the output voltage is higher, Li-Ion batteries may be overloading and lack of power energy when voltage is lower.

As a matter of fact, the work principle of laptop charger is far more complex than we expected. Besides mains frequency, input voltage has to be filtered in waves and steady pressures and then separate into two parts. Based on higher power to batteries, replacement AC adapter has protection circuit, record of cells charging process and other accessories inside.

If possible, we recommend users to get a universal AC adapter as reserved. After all, with different specifications, all the laptop accessories can keep in good conditions if output voltage and current can be adjusted automatically. Meanwhile, please not mix with other incompatible replacement AC adapter in daily use.

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by: USB Phone World