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Thursday, February 24, 2011
We all usually think that I use the laptop with AC Adapter or laptop battery? Can I prolong the laptop battery life if I do not use the laptop battery? How long is the span of my laptop battery? Has Li-ion laptop battery the memory effect? Lithium battery is memory effect is very small, almost zero. Can I use the AC Adapter directly? No, the reason is lithium battery inside ion if long time in a relatively quiescent state (the stationary relatie, namely the battery without electricity or a small quantity of electricity time. Long time how long? : six months or so), will completely lose store electrical energy function. If you do not want to use the laptop battery, you should charge 90% electricity of the laptop battery and pack it in cool place. In fact, a piece of eight core of lithium battery life (remember, is using life) are charging around 800-1200, if below this figure, the battery quality has a problem. How do we know we filled many times electricity? For example, the IBM ACCESS, IBM have inside a can view of the battery number, we can clearly know first charging time and battery health. Other laptop should also have such similar functions, you can look it yourself. If you are around ac adapter, you should connect the laptop with AC Adapter, ensure AC battery came on again after boot! Remember! Now, our batteries are slightly current charge, the mainboard power protection will not let machines have any questions! At this time the situation is not calculated rechargeable battery times! A year come down your battery only filling 50 times and 600 times which do you like better? Notebook computer batteries activation treatment and use if undeserved, can make your battery hurt, shorten the life of the battery. Activate cell chemicals to maximize the battery's performance, need to repeat charging and discharging (by battery is fully charged, and then to completely discharge) three times. So-called full charge is to point to: normal boot makes battery depletion to 3% battery power (preferably a drained, also can be divided into several times to power consumption, but unfavorable interval is too long time), then must be immediately to battery charging twelve when shutdown. Emphasis here must be immediately to the battery to charge the battery, because even if they do not use also can undertake ego discharge, when the battery depletion to 3% power, then if not timely for battery charging, self-discharge phenomenon is caused extremely easily battery of discharge and damage the battery. If the above operating every detail is held good, and your battery quality have no problem, can very well activation cell chemicals to maximize the battery's performance, basically battery later in normal use every time enough to 100%.

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