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Friday, February 25, 2011

Have you ever experienced that notebook computer or laptop battery cannot get enough power energy in a very low charge rate. Such a situation of juice block is caused by AC adapter damages, related to power cord, cable and other parts.

First of all, please have a physical examination on your laptop AC adapter. After all, sometimes lack of power energy has several different hazards relevant to battery capacity, computer chips and interface. It can help users to learn the performance of adapter by a substitution. Of course, we should ensure the quality of replacement AC adapter.

Normally, with the same specifications, these two devices will perform in similar conditions. Once the difference comes to be large, or the new replacement can work well but the former cannot, users should step further to figure out the root cause.

Under this circumstance, if possible, record the figures of each part by universal multimeter. According to OEM standard specifications, output voltage and current should be within a certain range. Otherwise, short or open circuit may exist inside the AC adapter or power cord. Meanwhile, meter is also useful for us to calculate the internal resistances. Then it is obvious to determine if it is damaged or just becoming aged.

In addition, juice block is likely to be influenced by power cord. Of poor contact, even if adapter is normal, power energy cannot reach laptop system and Li-Ion cells. Users should plug and unplug the cord by comparing to a high-quality one. Once it becomes to be loose or have a sense of foreign matters, we can affirm it is the problem of ports or power cords.

Of course, the problems of outlet or wall socket may also be the reasons for juice block. Therefore, checking is more important than any other operations. If all these items can confirmed, activation by charging fully can return back performance to some extent.

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by: USB Phone World