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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Since Japan has suffered from sudden earthquake and tsunami, the whole world has not recovered from frightening and worrying. Especially for electricity industry, both chip and battery cells are reduced in technology and manufacturing so that some reports have shown us that the average sales price is much higher than before.

From the reports of Japan disaster areas, we learn that many secondary accidents are caused by electrical equipments and related devices. That is to say, the laptop charger and other power supplies have become the resource of fire, leakage of electricity and others. Therefore, users should catch the knowledge about how to avoid further damages.

We recommend users to turn off all the outlets or wall sockets after coming across earthquake. After all, as long as the laptop computer and other appliances are injured, the internal circuits are likely to be exposed by shell injury. And then the friction will improve the work temperature and overheating can accelerate the disaster.

We recommend users to avoid using laptop charger around cooking bench, fireplace and other inflammable and electric conduction devices. Due to the abruptness of earthquake, all these surrounds are more dangerous than imagined because of connection, leakage and so on. Compared to other products, laptop AC adapters and batteries are afraid of overheating and short circuit more.

We recommend users to put laptop charger lower and try to keep it working in cool and dry conditions. As is mentioned before, water has the similar endangers to fire. Thereby, as long as the drink has connected all the circuits together, it is really hard to control the influence of disaster.

All in all, all the usage methods of laptop charger will be more important than before on the face of earthquake. It will be more sensitive and dangerous while only by carefulness and fully preparation can we prevent from serious accidents of sudden earthquake.

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by: USB Phone World