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Thursday, March 10, 2011

In this industry, a popular fable circulating is that original laptop charger may be failed to provide power energy to OEM batteries or reduce its internal capacity. It is truth that similar situations have influenced mobile phone, digital camera and some other consumer electronics for a long period but rare in Li-Ion laptop batteries.

For this problem, is it closely related to laptop charger or battery more?

In the past, Motorola has a sort of AC adapter that can recognize battery pack so that compatible ones are impossible to be charged. Obviously, circuit design of pack has influenced the process of charging to some extent.

Furthermore, internal resistances have also the additional functions of recognition in performance. Although Li-Ion stage has get users rid of troubles in large memory effect, the specific design of internal structure has also contained laptop charger in former conditions. And it will record the charge process and other characteristics of Li-Ion cells and other components.

Of course, thus laptop AC adapter is rare in the industry of laptop computer accessories. After all, it needs higher technology to be personalized customization in order to cooperate better with OEM notebook and other accessories.

Nowadays, some large brands like IBM have already installed data record system inside laptop charger and battery. That is why it is recommended to clear the information in BOIS and activate them if replacing either. And IBM has its own battery management system to indicate these characteristics and changes.

In most cases, it is needless for users to worry about compatible laptop charger in performance. After all, as long as not specialized suggested by laptop suppliers, a high-quality laptop AC adapter can fit the variable situations by internal structure.

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by: USB Phone World