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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apple is hopeful to be the largest global technology company in the next two years.

Apple, iPhone, iPad, Macbook

It is reported that Apple is hoped to keep improvement in about 50 percent in the next two years due to booming consumer electronics and related applications. In the first year, iPad has sold about 13 million while iPhone has reached 90 million in only four years. These increasing requirements have promoted the development of applications and software in shopping, business, entertainment and dealing with other tasks.

As a matter of fact, both sections influence with each other and created more profits. Since Macbook and Powerbook are unique, in most cases, they are not compatible with universal system and applications so that users have to purchase for those Apple products. Meanwhile, more and more additional functions and software have reduced the last time and Apple laptop battery should be replaced by a high-capacity one.

Apple laptop battery

George Colony, CEO of Forrester Research predicted that Apple is expected to surpass IBM in next year and HP followed. It is not caused by current market of Apple but its rapid increasing rate in sales volume and user requirements.

In the industry of consumer electronics, Apple is a younger who has all sorts of creative ideas and good appearance. Compared to magnates of PC and other equipments, when confronted with great revolution, it is no longer powerful enough to keep walking in the traditional pathway. It has become more and more important to create new markets.

In the past, it is regarded as conservative to replace laptop battery only while an Apple laptop battery of higher section has become the necessity of good players. After all, the rate of applications publishing is much faster than we imagined so that we should update these accessories and assistant system to keep working in good conditions.

In my point of view, technologies of electronic industry are about to be more and more fruitful and interesting in the near future. Whether Apple success or not, the big winner is just customers by enjoying more entertainments and conveniences.


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