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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recently, Japan continues to discharge the sewage containing radiation, which has aroused all sorts of challenges and comments in the society. Even so, as is reported by Aften Posten, the share price of solar energy in USA comes to increase gradually.

solar energy, nuclear radiation

It is truth that the earth has influenced seriously by nuclear energy, nuclear weapon and power included. In the past, we believe that the development of such technologies have saved us a lot time and natural resources in daily life. But it seems we have suffered more by environmental pollution.

Although nuclear energy is limited nowadays, the whole world has never reduced their requirements in power resources. These days, more and more investors have come down to solar energy area. Such as REC, their products like polycrystalline silicon wafer, PV, solar batteries and other applied materials. Its share price has increased by about 10 percent last month while it is regarded to continue growing up in the next few months.

Comparatively, renewable energy sources, wind and solar technologies, are likely to have better development situations. Solar batteries can not only save more electricity and natural resources but it is friendly to our living conditions as well.

The sunlight can reach nearly each place of our earth. No matter you are on the sea or in a small island, there’s no need to worry if enough sunlight is available. As a matter of fact, solar energy is one of the cleanest energies in the world. Others like petroleum and coal mine have already damaged our environment seriously instead of reduction with time goes by.

Furthermore, solar radiation can produce nearly 1.3 million times to coal and regarded as the largest natural resources in the world. According to current developing rate, the storage is enough for our earth to us for billions of years.

Anyway, the technologies and costs of solar energy are still at a very high level, which is impossible to popularize in a great range, especially in some developing countries. If solar batteries are available to us is just a matter of time.

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