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Sunday, April 10, 2011

When your laptop is indicated to be lack of power energy, what will you do next? According to statistics, most of us are going to plug the charger consciously or unconsciously. Maybe we are used to the process of charging and discharging, which has been completed for thousands of times before. But how can we have such a great confidence on laptop battery?

Windows 7 has ever caused power energy reduction seriously while it is said to be the mistakes of indicator system which has surprised us a lot. We rely on the software to handle with battery working regulations, to optimize the performance of hard disk and internal memory, and to show the situations of laptop battery and other devices. No matter for what, there’s no suitable reason for us to doubt about its accuracy.

laptop battery indicator, windows 7

Of course, it is the indicator instead of batteries that should be blamed by Windows 7 accidents. The internal structure of laptop battery is unavailable so that the battery management system is the only window for us to learn about the performance.

But why can’t the system indicate the batteries correctly? Who is the prime criminal, error in the procedure or temporary faults?

Have you ever remembered that Ni-mh and Ni-cd laptop batteries are popular before Lithium-ion ones are released. At that moment, we have to activate them frequently to get rid of memory effect. However, after taking use of Lithium-ion laptop battery, only a few of users continue activating regularly due to little memory effect inside.

It is truth that protection circuit has not only solved the problem of memory effect but also makes laptop battery more security than ever. But it doesn’t mean that activation is useless. Actually, when the indicator is accustomed to work under short standby time or use time, even if there’s some energy inside, the warning is likely to issue no electricity.

Lithium-ion laptop battery is really a good liar that cheated all of us for years. If possible, please try on your replaced batteries by such an operation if they are still available. The truth is on the front of you.

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by: USB Phone World