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Monday, April 25, 2011

As to mobile phone and digital camera, most of users are accustomed to get a new battery replacement. However, as to laptop, only a few of them have a replacement for laptop. It is truth that laptop battery is more expensive, but when we come across power failure, the loss may be more serious. What the hell is the root cause?

Someone has told that he doesn’t matter if he has laptop battery or not as he usually works with charger connected. Of course, you can live free from battery as long as there’s suitable external power supply available. But as to more and more users, especially for businessmen who need to run around, laptop batteries of short last time are possible to kill them.

Generally speaking, if using in normal situations, most of users need to go for another battery replacement for laptop. Even though the computer is in good condition and enough configuration, it cannot get enough energy if no charger is available.

battery capacity limitation

In addition to damage, capacity limitation is another key point for us to buy a battery replacement for laptop.

It is universally known that laptop computer cannot last so long enough as other consumer electronics. Except for netbook, few laptops are likely to last for more than 8 hours. If we have to play the programs of higher consumption, the run time is even shorter. Obviously, we still cannot get rid of the support from laptop charger.

What we should pay attention when selecting a new battery replacement for laptop?

battery replacement for laptop, laptop battery

1. Specifications: Such as output voltage and current, if you are not satisfied with your original laptop battery last time, a higher capacity replacement is a good choice. Usually such a high-capacity battery has higher output current.

2. Lithium-ion cells brand and quality: Please pay attention if they have provided you quality cells, which can be figured out from specifications and actual performance. Usually, they perform different from each merchants and please compared to your original laptop battery first.

3. Shell appearance (includes color, interface, texture and workmanship)

4. Sales price: It is unreasonable to buy a compatible laptop battery more expensive than original one while a replacement of lower price than laptop charger is also worthless.

5. Warranty and after-sale service: Never purchase a battery replacement for laptop with warranty of less than one full year.

6. Maintenance: Laptop battery is one of the most sensible accessories. If you want to extend its lifespan, maintenance in daily use is also very important.

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