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Sunday, April 17, 2011

You might be confused how could my laptop battery last for such a long time without charging at all. Is it false or lies? No, it has just occurred to me last week.

To be sure, I haven’t unplugged the laptop power cord from my computer at that moment, but the indicator showed us that the battery has never been charged in the process of working. Someone asked me that how come did lithium-ion laptop batteries work without discharging, especially when all the programs were running?

laptop battery, not charging

Actually, the work principle of laptop battery charging is blind to users to a great extent while it is still uncertain if keep plugging is harmful.

Thereby, I go and check the setting options of the batteries. According to fault settings, normally, it won’t start charging until the remaining power energy is below 96%. Without doubt, if you have set the value lower, it will be longer for us to be recharged. Meanwhile, as long as charger is available, laptop computer gets power energy from external power supply instead of the lithium-ion batteries.

That is to say, in that day, only the internal circuits of laptop battery are consuming while other external factors have little effects on battery discharging. It is asked frequently that whether or not the batteries will reduce the lifespan if not removed from external power supply. Since recharging cycles are the standards to indicate the consumption and performance, each of us wants to decrease used and improve the last time.

On the other hand, if the remaining power energy is lower than 96% or other setting values, what will happen? Obviously, laptop AC adapter has to provide the battery enough power energy until it is fully charged. At the same time, other programs can keep working from another part of energy.

Compared to computers turned off, it costs much more time to fully charge laptop battery on working. Some of users may think it is caused by consumption. It is truth, but the consumption has not reached the batteries but chargers instead. When the output voltage and current are separated, the power energy available to laptop battery will be reduced so that we have to charge for longer time.

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