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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As CRM system has been popularized on a large scale, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of customer relationship. Speaking of e-commerce, Dell is regarded as a leader in the electronic industry who has been imitated frequently by small business.

View from customers

Compared to in traditional markets, online customers have more initiative so that they can get price comparison, reviews from other customers and other useful information about products. Obviously, these normal contents can no longer satisfy the users while the winner is who that can provide the customers more humanized things.

Get a win-win succeed

Get a win-win succeed

Based on customer-focused business strategy, it is of great significance to supply our customers more profits. As long as they are able to be benefited enough, they will stay longer in our website and even recommend to others. On the other hand, if we have fully researched on customer requirements, it can also save us from the cost of stock and produce according to seasons and user features.

Optimized technical support

Optimized technical support

CRM system is really a huge database, including pre-sale and after-sales. We should deal with all sorts of information, like customer basic information, deals, reviews, FAQ and call center. And we should transfer the data into our business model by the theory of administration psychology, consumptive psychology, statistics, market research and so on. It is the powerful database that helps Dell to get a great succeed from excellent after-sale service and technical support.

Even though some software and CRM system are effective, it is unreasonable to ignore the interpersonal relationships. In terms of call center customers service, online communication, social media and other channels, it is necessary for us to spend more time and money on Listen to the customer's opinions and establish a mutual dialogue mechanism by more cares and commitments.

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