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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Different from laptop computer, most of users are not going to put digital cameras into use every day. I think you can have the similar situation that there’s only a little power energy inside if not in use for a period. Even if it may be fully charged at that moment, remaining energy is less than we imaged.

Even though lithium-ion digital camera battery has little memory effect, it is also necessary to activate by fully charging and discharging once after stored for a long time. Otherwise, the indicator system may be out of work and shut down automatically before all the power energy is consumed, which is also harmful to lithium-ion batteries in recharging cycles.

Caution! If not maintained properly, your digital camera battery capacity will be less and less.

digital camera battery

As a matter of fact, digital camera battery at present has displayed all the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, such as self-discharging, protection circuit, high energy density and sensibility. Except for wrong indicating, some other factors will be even more dangerous, which can make the battery damaged in actual performance.

1. Pay attention to the output voltage of charger.

Nearly all the lithium-ion batteries are sensible to overloading. Therefore, once the output voltage of charger is higher than your digital camera battery, both last time and lifespan will be shorter while overloading is also a primary cause to overheating.

2. Keep away from metal objects and water.

Evidently, metal objects and water are very easy to cause short circuit and even fire. Such accidents are common to mobile phones so that we have no reasons to ignore. Even if not so seriously, high work temperature can reduce its performance and short circuit can burn and destroy the whole battery.

3. Store your digital camera battery in a cool and dry place.

Due to the dangers from heat and damp, please put your digital camera battery in a cool and dry place. If possible, please remove it from the camera and stored in a clean box. With a little power energy remained for discharging, it can also avoid capacity reduction from deep discharging.

4. Get another battery replacement.

As digital camera battery is sensitive to deep discharging, you’d better replace with another replacement if it is indicated to be shortage of power energy. Meanwhile, it is also a good choice to avoid some battery failure accidents.

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by: USB Phone World