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Thursday, December 16, 2010

According to bloom berg reported, Dell Inspiron e1705 battery is currently trying to use more lightsome, cheap laptop battery to drive electric laptops. This kind of lithium ion battery costs than gm, with used laptop special battery lower, are currently testing center.

A Japanese analysts said rechargeable type consumer electronics battery USES the scale economic model production, can dramatically reduce the cost and electric laptop battery price. "Use notebook computer batteries can perhaps succeeded electric laptop cost to conventional gasoline Endo prediction models under", said. It also revealed that large lithium ion battery while using laptop battery unit production of small batteries will decrease the cost about 3/4.

According to the understanding of the general price $4100 Volt and 32780 dollar Shadowed the wind as an example, the price is higher than conventional automobile electric current about 3/4. Because expensive battery cost, electric laptop cost than traditional cost almost twice as.

The prediction Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop battery has released that this year's global electric and hybrid laptops sales to be 95.4 million vehicles, accounting for all by using laptops sales 2.2%. In government support, this ratio in 2020 is expected to reach nine percent. The world's largest lithium ion battery manufacturer Japanese Dell recently forecast, if automobile use lithium ion Dell Inspiron e1705 battery drive electric laptop, when lithium ion battery manufacturer's fiscal year profit will be doubled to $60 billion three times. Matsushita expanded the lithium ion battery capacity.

It is reported, Dell’s will for Daimler Smart, Benz grade models and Dell RAV - 4 provide notebook computer batteries processing from the lithium ion battery pack. At present, BMW have released 450 driven laptop lithium ion battery mini models, and the public are its California base studying this battery technology. Dell presidents Dell chapter said, will also use laptop batteries and notebook computer batteries these two driven model to provide consumers with more choice.

But the lithium ion Dell Inspiron 1525 battery has due to overheating, fire risk recalled history, some consumers said can't accept this kind of cell vehicles. Even someone said: "when I learned that laptop use of this kind of consumer electron Dell Inspiron e1705 battery, I ask for laptop approval. I still fear the lithium ion battery will explode."

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