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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do you know how to judge the performance of batteries? Actually, most of you may tell me that it is standby time. To be sure, a high-quality battery should last long enough, but it is the only determination factor or the most significant characteristic?

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First of all, let’s see the manufacturing process of Lithium-ion laptop batteries. Before assembly line industries, both compatible and original ones should have strictly designed in the internal structure which is necessary to keep the products safe and stable. Each stage and material should accept strict inspection before stepping into the next stage. In the end, it comes to the most important stage, that is testing on original laptop computer models.

Obviously, we can figure out that some other features like compatibility, security and stability are also very important to Lithium-ion laptop batteries. Although 9-cell laptop battery can last longer than 6-cell one, it doesn’t mean that the former one has higher quality or performance. I have witnessed the HP recalling events while many high-capacity HP batteries are included.

As to digital camera batteries, standby time seems to be of greater significance. Different from notebook computer, it is really hard to play with digital camera in the process of charging. Therefore, we prefer to the ones with extended life.

Even so, such a high capacity will be in vain due to some other reasons. Some users have also experienced that even though the battery performs well, it has wrong indication or not charging smoothly. In most cases, the problems are related to compatibility and stability more than durability only.

As it is, why many of us still care more about standby time and lifespan? Maybe it is the most obvious factor for us to find the difference and problems. We suggest you to think hard about the root cause when something wrong happen to your laptop batteries or digital camera batteries?

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