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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
mother's day, 20% off

Annual Mother’s Day is closer and closer to us with the temperature increasing. Someone said you can forget the Father’s Day but no one can forget the Mother’s Day. Whoever you are, have you prepared for such a special day?

For Terminal Users

As summer is coming, more and more users have realized the security and run time of their laptops, digital cameras and other consumer electronics. Maybe you have kept a watchful eye on our blog and have learned a lot of knowledge about maintenance. But as to most of terminal users, a laptop battery or AC adapter is necessary to cope with such a special and dangerous season. So think about your mother’s summer and help her to enjoy her hot summer.

Why don’t present your Mum a Skype phone? Maybe you are a traveler, an immigrant, overseas student or someone whose mother is an overseas worker. This Skype phone can extend your voice, emotions, love, videos and others you want to reach Mum’s place.

For Online Merchants

In business point of view, the work as below is exactly accurately. We can miss Father’s Day but not Mother’s Day. But have you thought what you need to express in this special day?

These days, overwhelming advertisements are full of the Internet with all sorts of products. To stand out from the crowd, please think hard about your unique service, products meanings, what your customers think, require and why they choose your products. As a matter of fact, Mother’s Day is not a pure gift day but a day to convey emotions and a sharing day.

What you have shared with your customers for Mother’s Day?

mother’s day, for mom

For Mum

Whether you are a prospective mother or already Mum, it is really an amazing day to you. Maybe you don’t want to know what your children and family members supply. But you can tell us about what you want in your day. And we will show the wish lists on the Internet without showing your name. Please leave a message to us in Twitter or Facebook. And you are likely to get what you want from your children or USB Phone World.

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