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Sunday, May 15, 2011

It is conceivable that short cruising duration has become one of the worst factors for laptop users. More than anything else, we have to take the laptop AC adapter along if we are going to work outside or playing at night. Yet such a device is really very inconvenient to us. For a travel or business trip, improving package weight is equal to increasing the cost and decreasing the energy. At home, if you are accustomed to play in bed, such a hot electronic is even more dangerous.

What king of laptop batteries can last longer and have a light weight?

For Dell users – 9 cell battery for Dell latitude d630 is a high capacity Li-Ion battery, compatible to Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptop models. No matter you are a businessman or a home worker, it can provide you nearly double run time.

For Thinkpad users – It is said that no an exact laptop battery can service Thinkpad laptop long and well enough, not because of design or performance but for higher requirements. Therefore, 40Y6799 is not only advanced in duration but security and convenience as well. Once you want to work on R60, T60 or Elite T400, it can all perform perfectly as a replacement.

For HP users – I believe many users care about hp dv5 battery life as it can also be available to support DV6 and DV4 series. HP/Compaq EV12 462890-421 Battery is another high-capacity laptop battery replacement in USB Phone World. Although it is not so light as the two laptop batteries as above, it is really the one that last longest.

These three battery replacements have all exceeded OEM specifications. That is why they can last longer, even more than the original laptop batteries.

In some cases, a slim charger is also a good choice.

Even though a laptop battery can last double or more, it is still limited. If you have to go for a long journey, it is really hard to work without a suitable laptop charger. Obviously, a slim but high rate AC adapter is better.

In my opinion, it is preferred to have slim chargers with high-capacity laptop batteries. After all, we can recharge fast and enjoy the trip online or offline with a pure laptop computer.

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by: USB Phone World