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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If I ask all of our customers, maybe most of you will decline that you care if the indicator light is on or not. It is truth that no one cares about such details in the process of use as long as the power for laptop is normal. But after collection the FAQ questions, we are surprised to find that many of users have mentioned the indicating light. What’s wrong?

To be sure, when checking on the root problems, we are accustomed to rely on some obvious feature on the appearance. For this reason, if the laptop is unable to turn on, the indicator light has become the sole factor to make a decision.

power for laptop

In some cases, it is just the problem of indicator light. After working for months or years, high work pressure is likely to damage it temporarily or thoroughly. However, some laptop chargers even don’t have any indicator light.

Welcomed by most of our customers, Toshiba adapter pa3468u-1aca is the typical charger without lights. Even so, it seems to be easier for users to figure out the issues of breakdown and power failure. After all, indicator light cannot tell all that we need to learn about the AC adapters.

Indeed, there’s another better symbol for laptop charger, power options. We can check if it is charging or not obviously by the shown situations. Besides, we can also adjust the options and plans between battery and charger to optimize the power for laptop by support system.

Anyway, indicator light has its own unique function to laptop. After powering off, the AC adapter may be still working and providing power for laptop motherland to save data and update. To avoid damages and reduction in capacity, we had better unplug the power cord after the light is off. If yours don’t have the lights like Toshiba adapter pa3468u-1aca, please wait for at least 1 minute and then remove. Otherwise, it is harmful to laptop charger, battery, indicator system and other parts.

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