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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just like the temperature, small business is booming in US, especially after the last financial crisis. However, compared to the primary large enterprises, we have more difficulties in operation and narrow ways of resources in many aspects. Actually, most of staffs have to take on more responsibilities and tasks.

Obviously, the most urgent matter for us small business is increasing the work efficiency and decreasing the redundant costs.

small business, laptop cases

1. Portability – As we have many business trips all over the nation, high-capacity laptops batteries and laptop power supply of high charge rate are preferred. Except for meetings, we have to handle with many projects in the process of journey which has spent most of business trips. Therefore, USB Phone World has battery bundle for specialized requirements.

2. Security – Do you know that laptop accessories are more dangerous than aeroplane in some cases? Have you remembered the accidents of HP, iPod and other consumer electronics? In additional to external factors, on no account can we ignore the security of Li-Ion laptops batteries and power supplies. So is data. Therefore, please attention to some alarming characteristics, like sharply fallen last time, high work temperature and poor contact.

3. High cost-performance – Similar to administrative expenses, cost on IT devices have also shared a large amount of our profits. Therefore, small business has to cut the costs but keep the performance, which is based on your own knowledge on judges and requires. And you can join our cooperation project for public school and small business by faxng your PO to 1-888-718-3609 or calling us: 1-800-631-8153.

4. Convenience in use – To improve effectiveness, it is the last thing we can ignore in small business. Therefore, please check if your laptops batteries and laptop power supply have suitable warranty by replacing the trouble products free within the periods. And we suggest you to buy extended warranty, such as option of 3 years warranty for only $39.95. Battery bundle is another good choice to ensure the compatibility and save time on selection.

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by: USB Phone World